band gear
  • --------P.A--------
  • HK Audio Projector System
  • HK Audio Actor System
  • HK Audio Pro series monitors
  • HK Audio D.A.R.T monitor
  • QSC PL2300 power amplifier
  • 1x TC Electronics M300 reverb/delay unit
  • 3x Samson S.Com plus stereo compressors
  • 1x Samson S.Gate - 4 way noise gate
  • Klark Teknik Graphic EQ
  • Allen & Heath GL3300 mixing console
  • Shure beta 87
  • Seinheisser Evo 565 16ch wireless mic/reciever
  • Shure 8ch wireless in ear monitor system
  • Audio Technica AE300 overhead mics, Shure Beta91 kick drum mic
  • SD clip on brass/woodwind mics
  • Shure Beta58/SM58 vocal mics
  • Shure SM57 instrument mics
  • Kelsey 150ft 24/8 multicore cable/stagebox
  • Band Equipment

    horn section pa system singers the girls male singer

    Many bands the size of The Soul Patrol or larger would choose to hire a PA system and/or lighting for a large event. We have our own professional PA system and lighting rig that is capable of coping with an audience of up to a thousand people, which is sufficient for most occasions, we can also scale it down for much smaller venues and audience numbers. We use an HK PA system, one of the most well respected (and expensive) brand of sound systems on the market and a serious cut above many of the mediocre systems used by other outfits. The reason you should know this is there is nothing worse than a big band playing through a sub standard sound system, there will be distortion and generally the overall event will not benefit from a quality sounding system. We also have our own sound and lighting engineer who monitors everything all through the event and takes care of any sound issues that might arise. The whole bands is professionally monitored through our PA system, much the same as a large gig that you might go to see, this ensures that everybody at your event will hear everybody in the band (at a controlled volume).
    horn section pa system singers the girls male singer

    We take great pride in our band transport. Our van is not a rusty old heap that is required to be parked out of sight at events. We have a professionally sign written vehicle (in silver) that most people like us to leave on full view! Again, it's the attention to detail that we feel is so important, the obvious stuff is a given!

    horn section pa system singers the girls male singer

    Your Event

    What exactly are you going to get when you hire The Soul Patrol? - The package is MORE than your average function band, clients will be talking about the band for weeks long after your event. If you want a band with the WOW factor - look no further.

    The Band In Action

    Take yourself back in time, big hair, flared trousers and even BIGGER platforms...
    The Soul Patrol faithfully reproduce well known and well loved tunes with a dynamic stage show including costume changes

    Previous Clients

    The band have played many prestigeous events including clients : John Lewis - Llafarge - Bosch - Highways Agency - London Irish Rugby Club - NHS - Dream Occasions - Alpro Soya - BMTFA, to name but a few.