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Why Live Soul & Disco?
The answer to this for us is simple, the 60's and 70's contained some of the most iconic and exciting dance music ever created, it was also one of the most colorful and fashionable, basically when Chic created 'Good Times' they weren't kidding! We can play and have played on many occasions to an audience with an age range from early teens to 'quite old' and almost everybody knows the songs we play and many feel the need to get up and have a boogie, that's the power these songs have. In later times like the 80's, 90's etc there have been good songs of course but many were created electronically and do not lend themselves to 10 musicians playing 'real' instruments in a live situation, the 60's and 70's were of course very different. It is also true to say that playing songs that were recorded in the last five years might well be lost on many; it's much better if everybody can relate to the music. It is important however to state that we almost always play more 'modern' music in a 'disco' style in the break between our live function band sets and at the end of the night depending on what is agreed with the client at the booking stage. As a passing shot, if you want a function band with a very 'dancy' and funky style of event then you are looking in the right place!

What do you get with The Soul Patrol function band?
Absolute professionalism, there are no egos, we are a professional business! Once we have a signed contract in place we always contact the venue prior to your event to make sure they have the correct electrical requirements, space and what the general load in arrangements are, if the venue are not used to this kind of attention to detail please don't worry, they soon get used to it! There are many bands that would not do this but it's far better to know if there are any unusual circumstances to overcome BEFORE the event, not at it! Our set-up team will arrive at the venue at the agreed time and find the point of contact that has been given and deal with them in order to get the equipment set up in the most stress free way that is possible. We always hope that the venue staff are easy to get along with and are understanding about a band like ours, although this is not always the case, many still think that a band is two speakers on sticks and a mouth organ! This is why we contact in advance and amongst other things advise the venue staff to take a look at our website to understand what our band comprises of. Most professional modern thinking venues in our experience are well adept to handling a band such as ourselves thankfully.

Providing our members and crew are treated with courtesy, respect and understanding of the job we have to do (the same that we give everybody else) there will never be a problem with the attitude of anybody involved with The Soul Patrol. Everybody in our outfit is a professional person who does this for a living. There is also a no visible alcohol rule in force, which states that there are no drinks on stage, again it's obvious really to us but many have a different view.

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A Note from the band

How we work
We thought it only right to tell you how we tick and what our own take is on what we do for a living.

It is true to say that there are a great many bands out there that you could book for your event, some with fewer members, some with more and many claiming to be 'the best party or function band in the UK' or something similar. Why don't we do the same you may ask? Well it's a big claim for a start and they can't all be the best can they? We'd rather say that whilst we don't make that particular claim ourselves we do claim to strive to be the very best that we can be at what we do, if that indeed makes us at least one of the best then all well and good, we'd rather hear it from other people to be honest, and yes, we have been told this in the past which makes us believe that we are at least on the right track.

What we suit
The sort of events that we fit very well are all kinds of Corporate events, Charity balls, high class weddings, product launches and basically any high profile event that require a band that will suit or can create a high quality party type atmosphere. We will of course be happy to talk about any kind of event that you have in mind. If it's wedding music you're after or an incredible function band for your private party then look no further.

Why book The Soul Patrol?
Well, the first thing to say is that when we say 'live band' it's a hand on heart honest statement. You will see bands playing this sort of music with fewer members than us (there are 10 musicians in The Soul Patrol), and without being unkind to them you cannot in truth hope to produce the same physical sound with 5/6/7 people. Many of these bands run backing tracks and sequences to compensate for this, so, although it's live to some extent, it's not really 100%. The Soul Patrol do not use ANY backing tracks, backing sequences or any other gimmicks to 'fool' the audience. When we play, EVERYTHING is being played and sung absolutely live in real time, so when we say 'live band' that is what you and your guests will be hearing with the Soul Patrol. We also put a lot of emphasis on the visual appearance of the band, particularly based on the music that we play. We understand that when you book us to perform at your event it's as much about the visual aspect as the sound quality, and no one in the 70's ever really dressed down! Did they?

International Showband

The Soul Patrol are not only available throughout the UK but also in Europe and Internationally. The band are well travelled and can perform at almost any location (if the fee is right!)

Timeless Soul Band

no matter what age you are, there's always something to relate to.. even modern pop music has taken it's samples from alot of those classic dance tracks of the 70's

Playing Floorfillers

We believe that like any good DJ, the tracks should be continuous as much as possible, to this end we have dedicated hundreds of hours into making sure our show is seamless and only playing the best known floorfilling tracks.